A little late…sorry

It’s probably a little late for this type of post, but I’ve been trying to collect my thoughts about 2015 and I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want in 2016. I’ve also been dealing with the fallout of the car accident we got into, which has taken up more mental and emotional cycles than it probably should have. So, here’s a quick bullet point summary of last year and this year.


My big accomplishments:

  • Completed first Full Marathon
    • Ogden Marathon
    • It rained almost the entire race. I was so cold that I was legitimately concerned that I might get frostbite on my fingers.
    • Crossing the finish line, I felt a deep sense of accomplishment and elation like I’ve never felt before. I want to feel it again and so I keep trying to chase that feeling
  • Completed first “Ultra” Ragnar
    • Ran 2 legs, about 30 miles total
    • After my first run, I had to visit the med tent, I think I had some heat stroke and was really dehydrated.
    • I had to swap runs with another guy in the van, Jordan. I still feel like a failure for not being able to run the leg that I was supposed to, but I suppose it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Completed first 50k
    • Antelope Island 50k
    • See my race report here


Goals for this year:

  • Complete my first 50 miler
    • Race day is April 29, 2016, the day after my 30th birthday
    • I am beyond nervous for this race. I’m worried about being prepared enough. It could be a total sufferfest.
    • You can see my training plan here
    • I’m sure I’ll have a blog or two in the lead up to this race, in addition to a race report.
  • Complete 2 50ks
    • As a training run for my 50 miler, I’m going to be running the Buffalo Run 50k
    • This race is also out on Antelope Island, but is a different course than the 50k I did in November.
  • Complete 2 Full Marathons
    • Not sure which races I’ll be running.